Monday, November 26, 2012

Master Comics #107 (September 1949-CMJ)

CMJ and The Disappearance of the Statue of Liberty

This story is important for several reasons. Some of the very early CapJr stories took place in New York City. This one shows Freddy Freeman and his landlady Mrs Wagner visiting the Big Apple.  This at least shows that NYC isn't then Freddy's hometown. Kurt Schaffenberger's very clear story telling enhances this story. In many ways his work at this stage reflects the look that CC Beck and Pete Costanza were doing on the Captain Marvel strip. There was a tendency of thinking that Captain Marvel Jr's artwork was more "realistic/less cartoony" than that of Captain Marvel. Schaffenberger's work here (as well as the Sheldon Moldoff and Bill Ward's drawn stories) show a much more cartoony look for the Blue Boy than is often thought.


  1. Like Beck, Schaffenberger was a master of clarity. You could always tell what was going on in his panels. His layouts weren't confusing and his compositions were well staged. And of course the man could draw beautifully. A great professional cartoonist.