Saturday, June 11, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #33 (The Ant Bear) Nov-Dec. 1945

Today's postings will be different from our usual weekly offerings. I will be away from my computer for the next two plus weeks so I will be posting three stories (an entire CMJ issue) today. The story below is for the week of June 13. The next story will be for the week of June 20 and the last story for the week of June 27.

CMJ Meets the Ant Bear

This is one of the early humorous animal stories that appeared in the CMJ run. The Ant Bear appears again in CMJ #35 (January 1946). Mrs Scroggins, Freddy's mean land lady, was not a frequent member of CMJ's early cast. This may be her only appearance. Bud Thompson did the art with many Mac Raboy CMJ photostats or tracings.

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