Monday, April 18, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #52 (New Supporting Cast)

Captain Marvel Jr #52 (August 1947) is a pivotal issue in the post-war saga of the World's Mightiest Boy. This issue introduces several  supporting cast members who continued until the end of the series in 1953. This cast centered around Mrs Wagner's Boarding House. Up until this time CMJ/Freddy Freeman had been somewhat of a loner. There were a few reoccurring characters before this issue but they were used sporadically at best. This first story introduces us to Police Officer Jim Bellows and Mrs Wagner. Mrs. Wagner played roughly the same role as Aunt May did to Peter Parker (Spider-Man) that of a surrogate mother. Officer Bellows provided Freddy's link to the local law enforcement authorities. Note the circulation manager's name is W. Crowberson (p. 1), a clever take Wendell Crowley (editor) and Will Lieberson (Executive editor). Art on this story is provided by Bud Thompson.

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