Monday, March 28, 2011

Captain Marvel Jr #41 (Acrobat, chapter 2)

This story is not your typical Captain Marvel Jr. tale. First, three-part stories are very unusual within the CMJ corpus. The next three-part story happened 59 issues later in CMJ #100. Second, most of this story takes place at night because the moon gives the Acrobat his powers. Most of the World's Mightiest Boy's stories take place in the day time where a bright color palette is used. Third, this story is unusually violent. In most later CMJ stories the villains may steal valuables or commit other crimes but in this story the Acrobat murders his trapeze partner, kills a truck driver, his girl friend, his gangster accomplice Spike, another young women(chapter 3) and attempts to murder Freddy and the circus manager. Even though he is a multiple murderer he gets off at the end because of his "moonitis" dementia. On the last page that readers note an ad promising that the Acrobat will return making him almost a hero rather that the mad killer that he is.

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